Thai Healing Hands

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Booking your appoinment

All massage services are by appointment only, a major valid credit card is required to hold your appointment no matter the payment method used to purchase the massage services.

- $50 from your CC to secure your in call appointment 

- $80 to secure your out call appointment ( I deliver my service to your place ).

You will not be charged until massage service is rendered, unless you fail to cancel within 24 hours and / or no - show on your appointment.

Cancellation / Rescheduling

24-hour advance notice is required when cancelling / rescheduling a massage appointment.
I understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone's life. If there are any health issues present at the time of your scheduled massage session that might make massage a bad idea, including fever / cold / flu / sickness, please contact me BEFORE arriving for your massage.
  • All appointment cancellations/rescheduling must be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. This allows me the opportunity for someone else to schedule an appointment.  Appointments scheduled within the 24 hour window are considered confirmed and cannot be canceled without penalty.
  • If you fail to cancel / reschedule prior to 24 hours before your appointment, a $50 - $80 cost of reservation fee will be charged to your credit card account. 


Please plan accordingly and be on time. I have reserved this time for you and only you and have other people scheduled after your time. Your late arrival will require that I end the session at the scheduled time, meaning your session will unfortunately be shorter. If I extend your session to go the full time, I may make the rest of my appointments late which will not make anyone happy. 

I know things happen such as traffic, last minute notices or emergency calls at work / home please inform me that you are coming late. In some special cases, and when my schedule will allow, I may be able to accommodate a partial or full appointment. This is case by case. Depending upon how late you arrive, I will determine if there is enough time remaining to start a treatment. Regardless of the length of the the treatment actually given, you will be responsible for the "full" session. No partial refunds will be given.

No show

Anyone who fails to  show up for a scheduled massage appointment and does not provide 24 hours cancellation notice, will be considered a "no-show" and will be charged $50 reservation fee for the missed appointment.

Professional Bounderies

Informed : At your first visit you will be given a copy of my policies and will be asked to sign the consent stating that you have read the information, understand it and agree to comply with the policies and procedures.

Consent : I; as a massage therapist, will respect your right to refuse, modify or terminate treatment, regardless of prior consent for such treatment.

Medical Condition : You are responsible to keep me informed of any current medical treatments. You must also keep me informed of any changes in your health conditions.

Confidentiality : The discussion regarding your personal information including your health record is confidential, unless disclosure is permitted by you or is required by law. I prefer not to discuss topics of a political, religious, private or sexual nature.

Sexual Conduct :  Requests for any sexual activity will not be tolerated and will automatically terminate the session. Sexual discussion of any kind is NEVER appropriate.

Draping : Draping is required to protect your modesty, privacy, warmth and/or comfort.